Need to Fit your Photo in a Locket?

Our locket print includes more than 25 different sized versions of your photo on a 5x7 print allowing you to easily find a size to fit your locket.

One or more of the different versions of your photo should work with any locket up to 1½ inches (39 mm) in diameter.

Our ordering system shows a preview of how your picture would look for different shape lockets and pendants including heart, oval, circle, square and rectangular.

  • Locket prints are $8.95 + tax
  • Cropping preview of how your photo will look for heart, oval, circle, square and rectangular locket shapes
  • Shipping options for email, USPS and Next Day UPS
  • Orders are shipped* (or emailed**) within 24 hours

*Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays.
**We try to do email orders within 24 hours regardless of what day it is.

Locket prints from your photo
The prints were excellent. I ordered small oval locket prints. They came outlined and many more prints in different sizes. Very sharp picture. Very easy to order and arrived on time.
Rachel - Jun 17, 2024
I'm so excited found the perfect size for my locket you guys did 🤩 amazing
Julia - Jun 10, 2024
Very happy with the prints! The variety of sizes is great because I don’t have locket - it’s a gift my dad got for my mom..
Alaina - May 31, 2024
What is the actual print I will receive?
For each locket print you order you will receive a 5"x7" print with 25+ different sizes of your image. Each version will be slightly larger than the next with enough versions to fit any locket from super small (3/8 inch) up to about 1½ inches. If your locket is larger than 1½ inches just leave a note for us in the special instructions about what size your locket is and we can make a larger print.
What if the locket shape preview is close but not quite right?
If you order a Heart, Circle or Oval shape when we make the print we will actually make 2 prints for you - one with the overlay and one without, just in case the overlay is not correct. So you will have your original image without the shape superimposed on top of it, and a second image with the shape overlay.
What type of image makes a good locket photo?
This depends a lot on the locket shape. Heart shapes are the most difficult but also the most popular - an image of a couple looking at each other works well as the dip in the top of the heart can come down between their heads. A single head can work well as any shape, just be aware that the heart shape will cover some of the top of their head. Since lockets are small we always recommend images that are of the subjects' head and shoulders - not too close but not too far away as you need room to fit it into the locket shape. Groups of more than 2 or 3 people are generally bad as their heads will be so small you may not be able to tell who they are.
What is the turnaround time for locket prints?
Your locket print should be ready to ship or email within 24 hours Monday thru Friday. We usually send locket photo email orders within 24 hours on weekends as well.
Can you email me the file?
Sure, when checking out one of the shipping options is 'Email'. Please note that this is not an automated process, one of us still needs to layout the image and actually email it to you so give us some time.
What type of paper do you use?
We print on Fuji Crystal Archive Super Type PD Professional Paper - with a Luster finish. We think this is the best paper available, it is thicker than normal Fuji Crystal Archive paper and has excellent color.
How long does shipping take?
We have 3 shipping options - First Class (2-7 days), Priority (1-4 Days) and UPS Next Day (Mon-Fri, no weekend delivery). Please understand the Post Office can run a little slow during the holidays or for that matter whenever they feel like taking longer than normal. But we do find them reliable most of the time and most orders go out First Class and have no problem.
How do I crop my image?
On a small screen (phone, tablet, laptop) you can Spread (2 fingers together, spread them apart) to zoom in and Pinch to zoom out. To move the image around just press and move your finger around. On a regular computer with a mouse the scroll wheel will zoom in/out and then you can click and drag to move the image around. If this does not work on your device please let us know!
What does the Shrink to Fit checkbox do?
When we load an image into the crop box we fill the box with the image so that it does not have any borders. Usually this is correct, though you may lose a little off the top and bottom (or right and left). If you need to zoom further out you can click the Fit checkbox, and then the image will zoom all the way out. This is mostly needed on skinny/panoramic images where the subject is not in the center. Keep in mind we send you lots of different sized images so if the subject seems a little far away with Fit Image checked it will likely still work. Due to some quirks with the way Shrink to Fit works if you add an item to the cart with Shrink to Fit checked the ordering system will not let you edit it again from the cart (you can delete it if needed though).
My Locket is bigger than most, will this still work?
Yes, but if the locket is larger than 1½ inches please let us know in the special instructions and we will send you a larger print. Our locket print should work for any locket that is between ⅜ to 1½ across.
Is the email delivery option instant?
No it is not. One of us still needs to lay out the image and then email it to you so please allow us 24 hours during the week and a little more on weekends as we are closed on Saturdays. We do try to do them quickly so if we are open when you order it should not take long to get it.

▶ Watch a less than 2 Minute Video on how to order locket size prints

Heart shape locket print example

Heart shape locket print example, quarter is for size reference. This locket has 4 different pictures on each sheet that look like they would fit perfectly in the locket and a few others that could work.

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