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I find the ordering system very easy. The prints looked great. The moment I received the prints in my email, I get it printed. Then I was able to put it in my locket. I am highly satisfied. Will order again if I need a different pic to go in my locket.
Marilou B. - Jul 9, 2024
My daughter wanted a locket photo and this website made buying easy. We got multiple sizes and the picture is clear and fits perfectly. Fast shipping and a great price.
Jennifer - Jul 3, 2024
Ordered prints for a locket I bought my wife. Didn't know the size so ordered the multiple pack. They can out great and had the size I needed and more if I need to change out in future.
Eric - Jul 2, 2024
We lost both of our dogs within 2 weeks of each other this spring. My daughter has been heartbroken so I got her a locket but couldn't figure out how to get the perfect sized pictures. I found ProLabPrints and was so impressed with how smooth and quickly the process went! I will absolutely be using this again.
Katie - Jul 2, 2024
The prints were excellent. I ordered small oval locket prints. They came outlined and many more prints in different sizes. Very sharp picture. Very easy to order and arrived on time.
Rachel - Jun 17, 2024
I'm so excited found the perfect size for my locket you guys did 🤩 amazing
Julia - Jun 10, 2024
Very happy with the prints! The variety of sizes is great because I don’t have locket - it’s a gift my dad got for my mom..
Alaina - May 31, 2024
Perfect options for lockets came out great
Dee - May 20, 2024
Super easy, and super fast delivery! The prints looked great and gave me lots of options to fit into my lockets.
Monica - May 17, 2024
Everything was terrific. The ordering was easy, the quality of the product was awesome, and the turnaround was expeditious. It really saved Mother's Day that we were able to obtain the correct locket sized print in a 10 hour turnaround time!
Liza - May 16, 2024
Great fast customer service. I thought I would need to re order prints but was contacted by an employee who helped me fit my photo in my locket. Thank you!
Sara - May 15, 2024
It was great! Didn’t have capability to print 5x7, so did on 4x6”. It cut the edges off some , but the one that I needed for the locket was great! Thanks so much. It was a last minute idea for a gift and I didn’t have time to drive somewhere to get pics printed.
Patty - May 12, 2024
Was great to have such a service. We ordered a locket for our daughter’s graduation and the photos were perfect! Lots of options to choose from for the perfect fit. Thank you!
Kerrie - May 11, 2024
Great service & speedy return time!! Thankful to have found this service because it’s difficult to get a locket-sized photo.
Krissy - May 7, 2024
I would recommend anyone needing locket prints to order. These prints are high quality and there a difference sizes so you will be able to find one that will fit. You may have to alter the print a little depending on the size of the locket. They arrived very quickly from me placing the order. I just want to say "Thank you" for the service and the product you provided. You deserve a 10 star rating !!!!
Donna - Apr 30, 2024
I didn’t get my locket order!
Michelle - Apr 23, 2024
Reply from ProLabPrints:
Sometimes the emails get filtered out into spam, we have resent it and replied to your other email. Locket emails are sent within 24 hours normally, if you have not received one by then we encurage you to contact us so we can send it again.
The prints came out great! Now my locket looks perfect and it was so easy to do. I didn’t have to sit and edit the photo sizes over and over by myself
Christine - Apr 12, 2024
The prints came out beautiful and were well packaged. I was a little confused because I specified the size of my locket and received many different size options, but was still very happy with the product.
Kate - Mar 29, 2024
I was shocked at what a beautiful jog you did. It was a little difficult to cut the photo the size I needed, but I did it and they look great in the lockets I got for my granddaughters. Highly recommend.
Lina - Mar 29, 2024
I love that my order came in multiple different sizes hearts so I had many options to see which best fit my locket
Anonymous - Mar 15, 2024
Got my prints quickly and love that there were many sizes to accomodate charms or lockets.
CA - Mar 15, 2024
I looked at several options before choosing this company to make the locket photos for my mother. I can't speak for the others and I'm sure they are fine. But, I can say after using I would not go anywhere else. They are great to work with. Feel comfortable buying on this site. You'll be glad you did.
Anonymous - Mar 6, 2024
The pictures turned out perfect! I loved how there were multiple copies of varying sizes so that I could find a print that perfectly matched the size of my locket. My pictures also arrived very quickly, which was a really nice surprise.
Anonymous - Feb 27, 2024
Perfect prints with tons of sizes! It made it so easy to size different ones into my locket to get the best look. I’m very pleased with my prints!
Kasey - Feb 26, 2024
Received a locket from my grandson and had no clue how to get a small but clear photo into it - you guys hit it out of the park - clear photos in a variety of sizes to ensure a good fit
Catherine - Feb 23, 2024
I needed a picture of my daughter-n-law for a locket I am giving her for her bouquet. I printed a picture at Walgreens but it wasn't small enough. I googled and found ProLab Prints and ordered it there. I got the picture very quickly and it was even a page of different sizes. I am very pleased with the prints and shipping. I would highly recommend this company!
Regina - Feb 23, 2024
This was exactly what I was looking for to get photos for my daughter’s locket. I will be ordering another print for her soon.
Anonymous - Feb 19, 2024
i was looking for a place i could buy photos that were small enough to fit a locket i just bought and came across this website and i’m so glad i did, i really appreciate the multiple sizes that were given to me, one with the border and without, so now i can just have a bunch of photos of my fav pics without needing it to be in a locket. the photo print quality is also amazing as well too
mm - Feb 16, 2024
I liked that I had options so I could find the perfect size for my locket. Thank you.
Blanca - Feb 13, 2024
The ordering of the prints could not have been more easy. All I had to do was wait for the prints to come and cut them out. It was perfect. I could not have gotten the prints that small for a locket size. Thanks.
Darren - Feb 12, 2024
The prints were clear and great. They came in all different sizes which was great too so I can use them for other lockets. I am very happy with my product
Raychel - Feb 12, 2024
I had no idea that my order included so many prints. Totally surprised in a positive way. Quality is great and the locket is so much more beautiful with the prints!
Simon - Feb 12, 2024
Once I ordered I was wondering if I should have checked the sizes better as I had a very very small locket, but when the prints around I was surprised how small they got and there were several that would fit it. I am very pleased with the service and speed at which I received the prints. This was very helpful for me! Thank you!
Stephanie - Feb 5, 2024
My wife was very pleased with how the post-processed images looked like. I’d upload how her locket turned out but you guys don’t allow customers to display their lockets. 😜
Armand Oliveros - Feb 2, 2024
Everything was quick and easy! Perfect for lockets. I printed on sticker paper and it worked great!
Lora - Feb 2, 2024
My order was perfect!! Prints looked great and I was certainly able to find the right size cause they sent about every option possible!! I’m highly satisfied and would definitely order locket prints from here again!! Shipping was very fast also!!
Krystle - Jan 31, 2024
Easy ordering, prompt response, locket sized pictures were perfect !
DEBORAH - Jan 31, 2024
OMG! They did such a great job and there are so many locket size options! Definitely higher quality pictures than I expected!
Gianna - Jan 31, 2024
My prints were produced and shipped out very quickly. I’m very happy with the quality of them, especially the tiny locket prints. They were packaged great as well - no bending or damage at all.
Rachel - Jan 19, 2024
Wow. This was a great experience. The ordering process was user friendly and it was well packaged and shipped in a timely manner. There is an assortment of sizes to ensure that I found one that fit my locket perfectly. Highly recommend!
Claudia - Jan 9, 2024
This was a wonderful option. I may have all the tools on my computer, but you have this already set up. Saved me time, frustration, and my husbands ears. This made the gift of a locket much easier.
Gillian - Jan 9, 2024
My locket pictures were awesome and delivered on time we recommend highly thank you
Anonymous - Jan 8, 2024
Perfect fit and I thought the left over prints were nice to frame too. I only have 1 locket- great quality, would recommend.
Jeannie - Jan 7, 2024
My Granddaughter was given a locket , she wanted to put a picture of her dog thst crossed the rainbow bridge. The ordering system is good. However I placed several email messages to questions, before ordering. I didn't receive responses, before ordering. I did place my order hoping for the correct size. I didn't want to dissapoint her, as she was asking daily if I ordered the picture. I also placed the size in the comment section. The prints were good, and arrived in the stated time frame.
Tammy - Jan 5, 2024
The locket photos I ordered was perfect for my locket a friend gifted to me. Overall loved the product, fast shipping, very satisfied & most definitely recommend!
Trish - Jan 5, 2024